The independent provider faces numerous challenges and obstacles in managing staffing resources, insurance billing complexities and the regulatory requirements associated with independent practice and this is where the EquinoxPPS unicorn story begins.

Growing up in an era when the physician, dentist and pharmacist were our neighbors and could be called upon when we had a cold, a cavity or needed to better understand the effects of a new medication, our "care provider" knew us and our medical needs.  Medical advances, technology and a global population have changed how medical care is delivered in today's society.  

Regulatory requirements, insurance administrative burdens and reduced reimbursement have driven most independent medical providers to corporate medicine or retirement. EquinoxPPS brings the experience, knowledge and a hands-on approach to managing the administrative processes that support adherence to regulatory requirements, while creating revenue cycle efficiencies that result in financial sustainability. We accomplish this goal while remaining laser focused on you, your patients and our passion to make a difference through extraordinary service. 

Our unicorn dream is to work alongside the independent medical provider in fulfilling their passion to provide patient care while we fulfill our passion to support access to patient care and the healthy account receivables performance of the practice. 



Nadine Smith, Managing Partner and Director is in charge of daily operations. She joins the company after a 30-year career in the healthcare operations and patient financial services. She discovered her passion for healthcare receivables while in a summer job processing credit balances at a teaching hospital facility in New Orleans. The following summer she moved to Dallas and began work in the patient financial services area at a local teaching hospital where she learned the intricacies of claims management for emerging organ transplant procedures while gaining a front seat view to the unique challenges of changing government and managed care payer rules on hospitals and providers. 

Her unique, yet diverse experience in billing and revenue cycle management for single, multi-specialty practices, health systems and ambulatory centers may qualify her as an RCM unicorn, but it has also allowed her to  explore other areas of health care including  clinical research and pharmaceutical patient access & reimbursement.  Her knowledge of revenue cycle issues has gained her a reputation for accurate process assessments, finding revenue leaks, developing corrective plans and getting results that reduce claim delays and increase collections.  

Nadine’s desire to support all matters revenue and billing integrity have led to her to success as a Revenue Cycle Manager, Compliance Officer and Reimbursement Consultant.  She continues sharpening her skills, knowledge and experience in revenue cycle matters through active engagement in various healthcare associations and commitment to her local community college where she is an adjunct professor for the healthcare certificate program. Nadine holds a BS Business Administration from Nicholls State University.


Independent providers are important treasures to the local community. We want to support our private practice providers in remaining independent.

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