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Equinox Provider Practice Solutions

About Us


Who We Serve

The independent provider faces numerous challenges and obstacles in managing staffing resources, insurance billing complexities and the regulatory requirements associated with the practice of medicine.  

In the healthcare world a provider is not only a physician but anyone who provides healthcare services. We support MD's and non MDs such as Psychologists, Chiropractors, Nurse Practitioners, Optometrists, Podiatrist, Therapist & Hearing Aid Specialists. Allergy to Urology 


Who We Are

                                 Education| Compliance| Practice Efficiencies

 Growing up in an era when the physician, dentist and pharmacist were our neighbors and could be called upon when we had a cold, a cavity or needed help understanding a new medication.  our "care provider" knew us and our medical needs.  This is where the EquinoxPPS story begins.

Our team brings 30 years of  hand-on experience in managing the business and  administrative processes that support the  private practice. 

We support providers in fulfilling their passion by managing the puzzle pieces of the revenue cycle. We help create practice efficiencies that result in financial sustainability.



Why You Should Partner with Us

               Solid Experience | Simplified Solutions | Significant Results

Healthcare today is big business. A great revenue cycle partner is key to understanding your business, maintaining billing integrity and getting paid.  

EquinoxPPS works alongside the small medical provider who loves healthcare but hates the business of healthcare. We help monitor billing integrity to promote healthy account receivables performance.   

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